What To Look For In A Wedding Photographer?

aiThe D-Day is arriving, and you are ensuring perfection in as many areas as you can. Your wedding day is special and what will make for a beautiful memory. You are in search of that one person who will etch that day for you for life, apart from your fiancé, there is one person who can make it or break it for years to come – your wedding photographer! The photographs taken at your wedding are memories to preserve for life. Another key person for your wedding would be your wedding planner. Here’s a good website for information and contacts to wedding planners – theknot.com

So how will you choose your wedding photographer? The logical way to begin is to look at the photographer’s portfolio. The three broad areas to look for are – color, composition and storytelling ability. The new age wedding photographers prefer taking natural photographs throughout the wedding event in contrast to the photographs of earlier times when they would beseech couples to pose in different ways in the hope to click perfect pictures. In any case, in front of you lies the daunting task of how to judge a portfolio and decide for yourself?

First of all, know that lighting is pretty much everything that a photographer works with apart from the subject. They analyze the effect of light and shade on you. Some photographs are taken directly under sunlight to give a natural, fresh and breezy appearance. A few photographers take to these than any other lighting and like to keep their color schemes around natural light. Other photographers play with shadow to create moods and emotions as layers. So the important part as you browse through the pictures is to identify the style – is it bright or dark or romantic, easy breezy or moody? Which does the photographer lean towards more – lighter moments or emotional ones? Usually, each photographer leans towards a particular type.

Seek to see photographs taken in dim lighting, like maybe in the evening, at a reception. With them, you can notice how the pictures have turned out. Has the photographer managed to click good pictures? If so, that’s a point you must bear in mind.

Regarding composition, view the pictures to understand what is the perspective the photographer captured and if you find that perspective interesting. The photographer is trying to create a story through his pictures. See you’re able to understand what the story is. If you do and you like it, it’s another point to take note of. Ask yourself this: when you look at a picture, does it come alive to you?

There are some photographs that paint a quaint picture, and there are some that exude warmth. They appear different and you probably cannot spot what it is. A little research and you realize that these are not digital photographs but were taken on a camera film and later developed in a dark room.

Finally, the pictures not just shed light on the above aspects but also narrate a story quietly as you leaf through them. Some moments are emotional; some are light, some humorous, etc. Once you have identified that dominant trait/ streak in all the pictures of a photographer, see how it matches with your tastes. Do you also subscribe to his taste of tipping more towards the light, breezy and romantic or emotional, misty, romantic? If you see a match, and the story is quite engaging in the photographs, you’ve got yourself a good wedding photographer! Good choice! Great going!

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