Professional Cleaning At Your Doorstep!


Now that sounds like quite a relief – hiring a professional cleaner to get your home to sparkle! You may look up the internet for one. Having options is always a big plus, but having way too many options is again a lot of work. Do you hire a company or find independent cleaners? If it’s a company, what kind of services do they offer? Are they reputed?

Here’s an example of a professional cleaning service website –

It’s a good idea to keep equip yourself with some information on the subject. In Keeping abreast of the latest in all matters is always advisable. It helps to bookmark a few websites like and browse them at leisure for some tips and tricks and general information.

Some tips that might help you are listed below.

The first step you may take is to speak to a friend. A friend’s recommendation always helps because she knows you and your lifestyle. Good point, go ahead!

That done, check why you need the cleaning service? Do you need it for your entire home or for specific areas of it? Some people hire them to clean bedrooms and bathrooms only, while some for kitchens and bathrooms. Decide on which areas in your house you’d like cleaned.

Next is to identify specific tasks. For example, if you’d like them to do your laundry, iron or stack up clothes, sort your closet or sort your kitchen cabinets list them down and hand over your list to them. That way, you are sure that your work gets done and you’re not disappointed when you return to see that everything else but the one you wanted most was taken care of.

How frequently do you want to hire them?

It’s best to choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits. This way, the amount of cleaning to be done is far less, because your house is maintained and you do not get fat bills either. If you choose to have them only when you move out or annually, be prepared to spend more. Having a clean house and surroundings always adds to your wellness quotient!

Would you rather book an individual or a company for the job?

There are advantages and disadvantages in both, but the advantage of hiring a company far outweighs everything else. With a company you are safe, background checks are in place, so you can trust their employees. You are not at the mercy of the timings and conveniences of an individual cleaner.
They can work around your timings instead of you waiting around for your independent cleaner to arrive at her convenience. Plus, with a company, standards are in place and employees are trained and updated with the latest methods. You may or may not be satisfied with the independent cleaner, even though they may be easy on your purse strings.

Finally, feel free to do a quick check of all major items in your house at least the first time, once cleaning is done. The employees are trained not to touch personal belongings. Once your company establishes a rapport with you with their efficiency, attention and friendliness, you’re all set!

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