Guide To Flying With Kids For Extraordinary Experiences

Flying With Kids

Vacationing, new experiences or learning extraordinary things are rare in the world of an adult. It takes a lot of planning and organization to execute even the simplest plan. Imagine after painful deliberation you have booked an experience at IfOnly, an experience you always wanted. It is a day before you fly and you are running around packing and thinking how will I handle the nightmare that is traveling with kids. says that it need not be such a hassle because at times being in the airport is the highlight of a child’s vacation. Today we bring some very simple tricks and tips that make traveling with children free of emotional meltdowns, anxiety and smelly diapers.

Read up on the rules of the airline you are flying with. This is one of the most useful suggestions you will ever know. Each airline has a different policy which also differs as per the age of your child. While some allow liquids for kids others have a strict restriction as per the age of the kid. Being familiar with the rules beforehand like what kind of child restraint systems they can save you a lot of pressure and headache at the last moment.

Entertainment is a necessity. A child gets bored easily. A bored child is a cranky child not far away from one who is throwing a huge tantrum. So pack any toy or activity that keeps your kid occupied for the longest stretch of time. A trick here is to show the child one toy at a time. If you pull out all the games or activities in one go, they will get bored faster. Plus you need those toys to last for the return flight too so save some for the very end. Assuming that the in flight entertainment will be working, and enough to keep the kid distracted is foolhardy. Pack a tablet, iPad, Nintendo, etc. to ensure that the toddler can watch what they enjoy.

A carry-on is essential. Pack everything and anything that you may need to stave off a disaster. Some of the items in your carry bag should be:
diapers, pack more than what you think you will need
extra clothes for you and the children
wipes come in handy for everything
extra bottles will always be needed
Ziploc bags that can store anything nasty
Basic medicine
There will be delays in boarding flights or in-air delays at some point or the other. Packing extra in the carry bag saves you in times like this.

Spend as less time as possible on the craft itself. Board at the very end of the line. Give as much time you can for the child to stroll around the airport. If you board first with the child, you have to wait almost half an hour for the rest of the flight to be boarded. A tip is to let your partner board with all your carry-on first so as to take advantage of overhead bins.

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