The Art of Doing Background Verification Process

Background checking has become an unavoidable norm for most organizations in recent times. Employers have an obligation to hire good candidates for the well being of both the business and its employees. A company would face lots of problems by hiring candidates without doing background verification. Some of the increased risk of missing background checking […]

The Drive for UberX Insurance

Uber, the ride-sharing service, has proven to be game changer. The service has expanded to more than 300 cities and the company is valued at more than $40 billion US. In Canada thousands of Uber drivers provide more than a million rides a month. Riders like the convenience of ordering rides through an app, allowing them easy […]

Auto Accident Victims Shortchanged

Consumers who believe that the system favours auto insurance companies over accident victims may be vindicated. For those of you who still maintain that this may be an exaggerated comment, it might be worthwhile to have a peek at these guys. An updated report has found that the Ontario auto insurance system is “fundamentally flawed.” […]

Tips To Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers are experts in certain areas, and these include road accident resulting in bodily injury, exposure to asbestos leading to industrial related illness, workplace accidents, serious injury caused due to accidents and medical negligence. A personal injury lawyer is required to qualify for a claim. The process of finding a reliable personal injury […]